Stephanie Johnson, LSW

Stephanie Johnson, LSW

Welcome to Happiness is Good Sleep!

My name is Stephanie Johnson. I am a Licensed Social Worker, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, a former elementary school teacher, a Love and Logic™ parenting coach. Perhaps my most important role is that of the proud mama of twin girls!

I am absolutely passionate about helping parents and their children get the sleep they need in order to function at their best! I’ve always said that I could do anything if I were well-rested, but when I was sleep deprived, even the smallest of tasks seemed insurmountable! Does that sound familiar? If so, you have certainly come to the right place!

I trained under Dana Obelman, founder of the Sleep Sense Program©. Dana has helped thousands of families get more sleep! I firmly believe in her gentle and effective methods. I’m so excited to offer sleep consultation along with Love and Logic™ Coaching! I’ve personally helped countless families learn how to put the fun back into parenting with Love and Logic™. I’ve facilitated classes and offered private coaching for 13 years. Love and Logic™ teaches parents to set loving limits while providing opportunities for children to make mistakes for which there are natural consequences. Parents can start using Love and Logic with children as young as 6-months of age.

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