Frequently Asked Questions

What training do you have in regard to pediatric sleep consulting?

I am a Licensed Social Worker with a background in child welfare, a former elementary and preschool teacher, a Love and Logic facilitator and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant certified by Dana Obelman, founder of the Sleep Sense program.

What method do you use to teach sleep training to your clients?

I do not use just one method of sleep training. I believe that each family and child has their own set of unique needs and I cater my sleep training to meet those needs. Each plan is highly customized to take all pertinent factors into account.

How do you feel about Cry It Out?

Parents are often concerned about the crying it out method and the impact of allowing your child to cry. Crying is your child’s way of protesting a change, and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in some protest. That’s why I’m always sure to tell parents that my program will most likely involve at least some amount of protest (crying) on the child’s part.

You must remember that crying is your baby’s way of communicating. She/he will cry. There will be crying when they’re hungry, when they’re uncomfortable, in pain, tired or sometimes just to get our attention! Please be aware that there will be some amount of crying involved when sleep training your child.

Am I able to breastfeed while sleep training?

Absolutely! I will offer some guidelines about where and when to nurse that best support great sleep, but it is totally up to a family whether or not they choose to nurse through the sleep training process. If the guidelines are followed, nursing will not have any impact on the process.

What age children do you work with?

For sleep consultation, I work with newborns to 5-year-old children.

For Love and Logic™ Parenting I customize all of my coaching to fit all age ranges. The class I offer is designed for children ages newborn to 6-years-old. However, Love and Logic™ parenting can and should be used with children of all ages! I create custom sessions designed to provide you with the techniques that will be most effective for you and your children.

How long will it be before we see progress?

Some children are sleeping through the night on night 1 or 2, but others don’t quite pull it off until night 4 or 5, sometimes it takes longer, but it is always partially dependent upon a parent’s ability to remain consistent. Nap lengthening and regulating is typically a longer process. It is usually 2-4 weeks before everything comes together. Again, this is very much dependent upon a parent’s ability to remain consistent and true to their sleep plan.

The same goes for Love and Logic™ parenting. The more consistent a parent can be, the sooner the child will stop testing and the behaviors will improve. It is important to note that things will often get worse before they get better. Your child will want you to be the parent you used to be, because they are familiar with who you used to be and they knew how to get what they wanted from you. It is imperative for you to remain consistent!

I’m interested in working with you, what should I do next?

Schedule a Discovery call with me so we can discuss your individual needs and get you set up with the best package for either sleep training or Love and Logic™ parenting. I look forward to speaking with you!

Have any studies been completed that conclude that safety/positive effects of sleep training?

YES. Studies have shown that infant sleep training methods known as “controlled comforting” and “camping out” improve infant sleep and reduce maternal depression in the short term. Read more…